Monday, 28 October 2013

Heaven's Memo Pad

When I read the description I could not wait to jump into this anime. Reclusive teens who have an important job just seemed like a dream I would have had when I was a bit younger (even now at 21). This anime has all of the right elements to make any lover glued to their screen until all 12 episodes are through.

Alice is a NEET detective and one of our main characters. Her social skills are limited and she has no need for leaving her room. She spends her time wearing cute teddy bear pyjamas, surrounded by her stuffed animals and many computer screens. Her unhealthy diet contains Doctor Pepper and Ramen, she also REALLY hates bathing! She upholds that perfect cute anime character while not making the anime too uguu.
She is the leader of the NEET detectives (NEET is an acronym for 'Not in Education, Employment or Training) and uses her crew of dropouts to dig up the secrets of the dead and discover the unknown. I read about NEETs in NEO magazine and discovered that the concept of the story in this anime creates that dream world not only for teenagers but for the likes of me also (people who have just finished university and have found there are no jobs for them to go into).

Our other main character is Narumi Fujishima, a reclusive teen who never bothers to make friends due to moving school often, however when he finds himself recruited as Alice's new assistant he is introduced to a world full of characters not so different from himself.

I don't want to give away too much of the story for people who have not yet watched this anime but in my opinion there is a character for everyone's taste.
Alice - the reclusive brainy girl who hides away watching over her detectives.
Narumi - the new kid who finds his way into danger and begins making close bonds he never thought he would.
Soichiro Hinamura - also known as The Fourth is a gang leader who likes to talk with his fists when it comes to detective work.
Min - The strong willed, big breasted, independent women that holds the group together from the comfort of her Ramen shop.

There are many more characters, and all of them have amazing personalities which demand their own back story, sadly this is not done in the series. There are also hints of a possible love story developing  and the series ends with room for another. However I have found no evidence that another series will be made and as the anime aired in 2011 it seems like a long time to wait for another.

Heaven's Memo Pad is due to come out on DVD in the UK on 28th October, all I can do is buy the series and watch it over and over while praying for another to be made!

"It's the only NEET thing to do"

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