Friday, 1 November 2013

Hair Envy

All wigs by HarajukuBaby on StoreEnvy
These wigs are so cute!! I have never really thought about buying a wig before, but since my obsession with Japan and gyaru fashion has got stronger over the last few weeks I find myself spending hours looking at wigs!

As you know I am obsessed with anime and some of these wigs just inspire me to become a completely new character created out of the personalities of all my favourite anime women! The idea of having pink or bright orange hair has always been something I wanted to do but now that I'm 21 and looking for a job I don't think it would be the best idea for me to go wild with hair dye!

I especially love the pink and white hair as I am already in love with the idea of having half white and black hair. These wigs look amazing quality and I definitely plan to treat myself to one when I finally get a job and a paycheque.

What do you think?

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  1. The pink and white one comes black and white also i do believe cx